Teaching & advising


I am offering the following courses in Fall 2018: 

PA 642: Public and Nonprofit Organization Theory and Behavior (MPA/MPP core course)

The three required books are:

1) Carolyn J. Hill and Laurence E. Lynn, Jr. 2016. Public Management: Thinking and Acting in Three Dimensions. 2nd edition. CQ Press. ISBN: 9781483344324.


2) Pfeffer, Jeffrey. 2010. Power: Why Some People Have It and Others Don’t. Harper. ISBN: 9780061789083.


3) Fisher, Roger, William L. Ury, and Bruce Patton. 2011. Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In. Penguin. ISBN: 9780143118756.


All other readings are provided electronically to students.


PA 742: Theory of Public Organizations (Ph.D. core course)

The three required books are:

1) Pollitt, Christopher. 2016. Advanced Introduction to Public Management and Administration. Edward Elgar. ISBN: 9781784712334.


2) Wilson, James Q. 1989. Bureaucracy: What Government Agencies Do And Why They Do It. Basic Books. ISBN: 9780465007851.


3) Elster, Jon. 2015. Explaining Social Behavior: More Nuts and Bolts for the Social Sciences. 2nd edition. Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 9780521777445.


All other readings are provided electronically to students.



Getting a head start on your Martin School MPA/MPP Capstone: some guidance


Funding sources for PhD students (last edited September 2016)

Here is a list of external funding sources of relevance to public policy & administration Ph.D. students and ABDs (updated by Jue Young Mok in August 2016; most recent edit in September 2016):